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Sword Manufacturers

List of sword manufacturers and sword brands. Sword manufacturer reviews, info and recommendations.

Manufacturers of the swords-List

Albion swords
Albion swords is an American company. Albion swords are made of high carbon steel. Price of the Albion swords comes from 500 and ends on 3500 dollars. Albion swords are quality and highly true swords made by the real historical originals.

Cold Steel swords
"The sharpest knives and swords available" they says. Truth is the Cold Steel swords and knives are very reliable. Cold Steel produces Japanese samdurai swords (in China) and European medieval swords in India. Cold Steel swords are made of 1055 carbon steel.

Cheness swords
Chinese sword manufacturer focusing on samurai Iaido and Kenjutsu swords. 9260 Spring Steel + 1045 to 1060 Carbon Steel. Made in China.

Darksword armory
Canadian sword making company crafting museum replicas made of carbon steel. If you looking for a reliable and functional fantasy sword, the Darksword Armory can be an option.

Deepeeka swords
Affordable swords made in India. Deepeeka swords are made usually of carbon steel but these swords are not battle ready. Deepeeka producrs some interesting lines such as Napolenic armor, swords and helmet.

Hanwei swords (Paul Chen, CAS Iberia)
Hanwei company has been founded by Paul Chen. Hanwei manufactures quality functional swords in three lines: Japanese swords, Chinese swords and European swords. Hanwei factory is located in Dalian, China.

Musashi swords
Very affordable but functional samurai swords made in China. Musashi offers very good results for a very low budget.

United Cutlery swords
UC selling various brands and lines of swords, knives and weapons. They focuse on fantasy swords like Lord of the Rings, Highlander and so. United Cutlery selling also Kit Rae fantasy swords and Gil Hibben swords and knives.

Master Cutlery swords
Cheap Asian swords of moderate quality. Master Cutlery distributes various lines. Ryumon is the best of them. Other lines and brands: Ten Ryu (former Bushido) or Masahiro.

Marto swords
Marto swords are made in Toledo (Spain). Marto swords are highly decorative and quality swords. All marto swords are non functional for display purposes only but they are really good. Marto carry complete sword line including miniature swords, costumes, armor and medieval collectibles. Marto aquired several certificates for movie swords: Conan swords, Highlander, Xena swords, Alexander swords, Hercules swords and many more.

Valiant Armoury
Valiant Armoury is manufacturer of the functional medieval swords including a special "signature line". They swords are not available last months on internet.

Windlass (Museum Replicas, Relics.com)
Sword smiths originally from India. MR manufacturing their swords from 1065 and 1090 carbon steel. They offer sharp and unsharpened versions of the swords. They offer military, medieval and movie replicas including Templar, Robin Hood, Spartacus, Tudors swords and products (armor, costumes).


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