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Sword Types

Sword types. Types of swords by a historical period or by location. Battle ready and decorative swords, medieval swords, Japanese samurai swords, Chinese swords, rapier swords and sabres. Fantasy swords, movie swords and ceremonials swords.

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Sword types by functionality

Display swords
Display swords or decorative swords are usually made of stainless steel, without full tang. The purpose of these swords is display only. Advantage of the stainless steel is the fact you do not have to care of it. Stainless steel need no care, oil or anything else. Just put the display sword on wall mount and remove dust time from time.

Battle ready swords
Fully functional swords created fro combat or for practice. These swords are made of carbon steel and they have full tang.

Stage combat swords
Stage combat swords are sword used in theatres and in movies. These swords are not fully functional as the battle ready swords made for practice or for combat but they are more durable than the common display swords.

Sword types by historical periods

Ancient swords - swords from prehistoric times till 500 AD.
Medieval swords - swords made between 500 AD and 1500 AD.
Renaissance swords - 1500 - 1650. Rapier is a typical renaissance sword.
Modern swords and sabres - Swords made after 1700 AD and all today swords.

Sword types by location

European swords - Swords made in Ancient Greece and Rome and also European medieval swords including European long sword, broadsword, Scottish claymores and basket hilt broadswords and all other swords and sabres made in historical Europe.
Japanese swords - samurai swors produced in Japan. katana, wakizashi, tanto and tachi swords are historical Japanese weapons. Ninja swords are modern myth but we can include them into the category of the japanese swords.
Chinese swords - Chinese Dao and Jian swords used in various periods of ancient and medieval China.
Oriental swords - Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Indian swords and sabres. Usually curved swords reminding less or more the well known European sabre.

Other sword types

Ceremonial swords - swords serving for various ceremonies like coronation swords, masonic and templar swords or a club swords.
Fantasy swords - Fantasy swords and weapons inspired by books, movies or just by fantasy of smiths.
Movie swords - Movie replicas as Conan swords, Highlander swords, Lord Of The Rings swords and many more.
Gaming swords - Gaming replicas.
Sword canes - Walking canes with hidden swords. Walking canes are prohibited in some countries / areas. Walking canes were attribute of a gentlemen.
Military swords-swords used by Armed Forces around the world.

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